Kershaw's Brigade is a group of War Between the States Reenactors and Living Historians. We are dedicated to preservation of honor to our Confederate heritage. Our unit members portray actual Confederate Regiments of Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry. We re-live the daily life of the soldier and teach and show the public the real history. And yes from time to time we do put on the blue coat of the Federal soldier, cause their is two sides of this story. Drill, fight and live just as the soldier did some 150 years ago. This is a hobby to be part of and proud to be associated with. We have fun and enjoy the times spent in camp and by the fireside. Sleeping under the stars by the fire in a Confederate uniform on a chilly Fall night is an experience not to miss.


The War Between the States was and is the most tragic period of U. S. History. Not only was this political war, but a war of the people...North and South. Whole families were torn apart; brother against brother; father against son and generation versus generation. In all after four long years son 625,000 Americans gave their lives in defense of what they thought was right. The Confederacy its independance and the United States the union.


We, Kershaw Brigade, are out to show, teach and preserve this time in American history. We are looking for individuals, groups and families to join us in this endevor. We believe in strong family values and trust in ourselves through our heritage to make history be told in truth. We are part of the Southern Guards Brigade of Reenactors and are affliated with Hardy's Corp of Reenactors. In all we are part of the largest organization of Reenactors and Living Historians in the US.



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